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Hangzhou Sewing Machinery Market in 2006
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  2005 Hangzhou, the textile industry has withstood rigorous tests, the total production of the first industry-scale enterprises not only break 100 barrier, but also further improve the quality of economic operation. According to the Statistical Bureau of Hangzhou, industrial enterprises in the textile industry, in 2005 the total industrial output value of 107.474 billion yuan, an industrial sales volume of 105.214 billion yuan, sales income of 104.256 billion yuan, the total number of targets were three hundred billion mark for the first time in the entire "10th Five-Year Plan" period Hangzhou textile total more than quadrupled. Total industry profits of 5.679 billion yuan in 2005, with a total profit of 3.229 billion yuan, an increase of 30.83%, showing profit growth higher than sales growth, sales growth is higher than output growth this year. On the export side, Europe and the United States and other countries because of the restrictions, export growth Seasonal decline, the annual average increase of 26.81% in 2005, 1.46 percentage points over the previous year, the proportion of exports accounted for a 24.35% decline from 2004 to 2005 of 22.69%. According to Office of Textile and Apparel, Hangzhou Economic Commission for a follow-up survey of 78 textile enterprises, the latest statistics show that in the first quarter of 2006, total industrial output value of the textile and garment industry in Hangzhou 6.763 billion yuan and profits 263 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 37.99%. Data show that one quarter of the textile and garment industry in Hangzhou trend of the production and sale of a grand opening. Sewing closely related to the textile and garment industry and machinery industry, the spring of this year’s performance? By the end of April, our reporter visited the Hangzhou Equipment Co., Ltd. In this paper, clothing found surplus.

  As a rising star, found a surplus in 2005 SMEs in the most difficult times, remains rapid development momentum, in less than eight months of operating time, from 30,000 yuan in hand to achieve a sales revenue of more than 700 million, the fastest growth rate in the industry to create a myth. Currently, the company has become Taiwan’s surplus search Oshima, Jack and other brands of Hangzhou area distributor. In this paper enthusiastically to the cause of sewing, known for their "battlefield" with unusual insight. He told the 2006 Hangzhou Sewing Machinery Market analysis made the following points :

  Hangzhou Sewing Machinery sales in 2006 and short-season malaise

  Spring Festival, the long-awaited long-awaited China Sewing Machinery sales season finally coming slowly. Although the two, there are a shortage of March, compared with the corresponding period in 2005, the 2006 season was short and weak. Based on past experience, the general duration of the season for 3-4 months, but this year’s season as a flash in the pan like a hurry, only persist for two months, overall sales declined markedly. In this paper analyzes the emergence of Hangzhou market as a whole may seem unusual phenomenon of fact reasonable. He believes that products stocks, especially in situations of uncertainty, the domestic brands fierce competition is an important reason leading to the emergence of this phenomenon. Hangzhou first quarter of this year, the rate of sales to the textile and garment 94.66%, and last year reached 97.57%. Second, due to the substantial increase in finished products, reduced profits, the profits from product sales decreased 4.21% for the first quarter of this year, and last year reached 4.82%, which is bound to lead to a slowdown in the pace of investment in large enterprises. Search surplus of almost all the major customer of different companies to slow investment rate. This year, Hangzhou recruitment difficulty with the same period last year eased, but the situation is still rather grave. Some factories existing 100 seats, 50 less than the actual operatives, operatives still a huge shortfall. After experiencing several years of rapid development, after the sewing machinery industry will enter a period of adjustment, which is the law of the market economy. Moreover, the intensification of the contradictions in the supply and demand of labor, to a certain extent, reduce the garment sewing equipment market demand.

  Leasing is about prevailing wind In early 2005, stimulated by the lifting of quotas good news, many trade-garment enterprises have expanded production capacity, increased investment in equipment and machinery for the garment industry to bring enormous business opportunities, formed early in 2005 sewing machine market is booming situation. However, having gone through three textile and garment export tariff adjustment, Europe and the United States restrictions come to an end, the unexpected appreciation of the renminbi, cotton shortage hit records, the retreat began garment enterprises, most have adopted a wait-and-see attitude on equipment investment very carefully. Therefore, leasing style emerged. Search surplus to set up a company, from the "special" characters quality, and invested tens of millions already set up special embroidered known, the rest of the world pooled their high precision, advanced into the area of the garment sewing machine leasing the target stock. "I believe that the upcoming lease popular style, the next step, the company will consider expanding this business on new equipment and computer Sewing Machine. "In this paper, said. Pre-circulation of 400,000, while the garment manufacturers to improve quality awareness

  As early as 10 years ago, the "pre-contract" for the textile and garment enterprises in Hangzhou, or a very strange term. Once deformation clothing, board manufacturers will spearhead at fighting division. In fact, the problem is that the fabric. Have many years of experience in the garment In this paper, a keen insight into the crux of the problem, he feels a sense of social responsibility as a dealer, it is necessary to guide the garment manufacturers to improve quality consciousness. Therefore, he has decided to "command" and will advance to 400,000 garment enterprises in Hangzhou. Hard work pays off, in 2005, from May 18 to December 31, found a surplus in the market of Hangzhou 10 Pre-sales of 400,000, the industry has created a myth (Taiwan Oshima company in the whole of Southeast Asia annual pre-shrinking market for the sales volume of several dozen). "Maybe I will sell 400,000 advance on the energy spent on other types of aircraft, the profit may be more, but I am pleased that it allowed me to see the development of the textile and garment industry in Hangzhou hope. " The following is a hot-lateral organizations, and other special equipment to the Machine

   In this paper, based on years of experience dealing with women’s business judgment, beads machine, the silk, hand embroidery machines, and other special equipment in Hangzhou Pleated plane has a huge space for development, the Department found surplus special embroidery is the most typical example. Special embroidered Department since its inception, the orders could not bear. These characteristics of the equipment embroidered ladies figure greatly designers alike. Each with only a few tricks of the decorations, prices will increase to several hundred million dollars. Therefore, the positioning of such equipment in the "Silk" or "lady’s life" there is plenty of room for development in Hangzhou. "Gentlemen love fortune, search Tracker way." In 2005 a long winter, always adhere to the principle of making In this paper, the resistance to live again "temptation." 2006, a keen insight into the Subei In this paper the development of the market potential, but this year he will focus on back home to open up new horizons of another film that he believed that there is always a way. At present, preparations are being made in North Jiangsu Branch of China.

  Source : The article "Chinese Sewing Machine"

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