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How to create an embroidery machine good working environment?
Dates:2015-10-27 Hit:371
  Embroidery machine working environment includes the physical environment and electrical environment, the physical environment of the plant have to meet the normal condition, not too dry or too humid, the temperature at 0 to 50 degrees Celsius, relative humidity of 30% to 70%. Ventilation good ventilation, electrical aspects require a higher voltage stability requirements, it is best to install the transformer, the operating voltage is typically 380V or 220V, abroad using 110V, operating power is generally 1.5KW to 2KW, single-head machine is generally 500W. Open, large multi-stable current than when off instantly generated, frequent switching will lead to excessive heating or system overload, it will reduce the life of the embroidery machine, which should also should be noted.
  (1) All pins at a high level, you can not manually rotate the dial;
  (2) pins can not jog at a high level, or easy to get stuck;
  (3) prepare lever before driving, put on the bottom surface of the line, you want to choose a good embroidery pattern, choose a good way of working with pattern matching and proper embroidery parameters;

  (4) rod drive preceded by checking whether all pins are all down. If not, you should put down all the pins manually, then trolley car, or likely to cause damage to the machine or leakage occurs flowers;
  (5) embroidered gold films, switching sequin device should be allocated in the host, otherwise sequin device does not automatically lift;
  (6) Pressure size sequin device to the right, too small automatic lift, too easy to bash sequin device. Do not mobilize pressure after a good tune;
  (7) every time when the new triple combination of pattern, after embroidery will be a good starting point for a border check should avoid switching around the block when the nose, or nose bashed sequin device;
  (8) taping and zigzag embroidery mending, should first taping (or sawtooth wire) All machine head faces wire and wire wheel Larsson, while all the pins mentioned high, the robot into an inactive state, then reversing, otherwise there is the possibility of torn fabric. Mending to be finished, first dribbling (or sawtooth wire) on all wire wheels After finishing, the pins down, the robot is attached to the work place, then drive rod;
  (9) embroidered horsepower embroidery, embroidered horsepower press the function key, after all the cloth should first release clip, then move the frame, or easily tear the fabric. When the cloth in front of the first frame after changing the fabric good clip, press the JOG keys, pins after leaving the needle and the fabric, and then clip the back of the fabric clip, clip out this relatively flat fabric;
  (10) Each pattern embroidered finished, all the cloth must be placed on the platen clamp front two corners when the demolition cloth clip can not be put back online shelves or platen, so as not to clip off the cloth on the cloth or fall into the platen gap webs of cloth or machine damage;

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